(Front Row L to R):

   - Emily Iarocci - Vocals   

   - Liz Hopper Whitelam - Vocals

   - Karen Tyo - Vocals & Keys

(Back Row L to R):

   - Rich Dorato - Guitar   

   - Stan Holland - Drums

   - Fred Boucher -  Bass & Vocals   


BackTrack consist of veteran players and singers who all have a passion for the 50's, 60's  (and beyond) music era/s. Some people call it oldies or memory music, but we just call it great fun music to listen to, sing along to, dance and party to.  We have great fun performing, and want our audience to have as much fun as we do.  We are available for your club, event, anniversary, fundraiser, whatever the occasion...  just get in touch!

BackTrack is a small live band with a big sound. We are a "vocal band" as opposed to a horn band or hard rock band, and require minimal space in which to perform.

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